Definitions for "Redistribution"
Changes to boundaries of electorates in line with the principle that the number of voters in each electorate must not vary from a predetermined electoral quota by more than 5 per cent at the time of an election. Carried out before each Legislative Assembly election.
The redrawing of electoral boundaries for a division to ensure that there are, as near as possible, equal numbers of electors in each division for a State or Territory.
A new division of an area into electorates with the result that boundaries of some existing electorates are moved.
reallocation by a government of the wealth of a nation. This is usually done by taxes and welfare benefits-high taxes for the wealthy finance benefits for the poor. Redistribution is one of the central tenets of the welfare state, and of socialism.
distributing again; "the revolution resulted in a redistribution of wealth"
Accumulation of goods or labor by a particular person or in a particular place and their subsequent distribution.
A form of economic exchange which is characterized by producers giving some or all of their products to an administrative centre which, in turn, returns the goods in either a different form or at a later time. This is the predominant mode of allocation for stratified societies and it is present in the state in the form of taxes.