Definitions for "PPM "
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Pages Per Minute. The maximum speed of the printer's marking engine as rated by the manufacturer.
abbreviation for parts per million, eg 0.01 % = 100 ppm.
Parts per million. A measurement of concentration such as 1 µg per gram.
see Private placement memorandum.
Private placement memorandum. a document explaining the details of an investment to potential investors. For example, a private equity fund will issue a PPM when it is raising capital from institutional investors. Also, a startup may issue a PPM when it needs growth capital. Also known as "Offering Memorandum."
Private Placement Memorandum...from the vocabulary of the Fast Track.
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Portable PixelMap (filename extension).
Portable People Meter
Portable Pixmap Utilities. A format used in color bitmap file conversion.
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Modulation method used by modems and DSL equipment. The signal modulates or alters the location of a pulse in the carrier. The carrier is a stream of pulses.
Pulse Position Modulation. It's a form of phase modulation for a pulse train carrier, where the position of the pulses depends on the baseband signal's amplitude.
Pulse Position Modulation. An improper term for PWM, in RC terminology
Pusat Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat
Stationery market in which Alkor Draka sells sheeting. ("Papeterie et petit maroquinerie").
(Physician Practice Management) Firm: A firm that purchases physicians' practices in exchange for a percentage of the gross receivables. The PPM leases the office back to the physician or employs the physician on a salaried basis. The PPM then contracts with area MCOs.
Physician Practice Management. Refers to companies that purchase physician practices and networks to negotiate with managed care organizations. These companies will also manage administrative functions such as billing.
Personal Patient Monitor
A strategy for oversight of a portfolio of related or interdependent projects, with the intent of limiting duplicate work efforts and leveraging decision making and skills across projects. PPM takes a holistic view of projects and their relationships, and focuses on the potential for project benefits to be leveraged across the enterprise. PPM tools, which support this strategy, are high-end, multiproject management tools with:• Resource profiling and allocation capability• Integrated time reporting• Executive information reporting (such as "red light" and "green light" status)• Project accounting interfaces
Product Portfolio Managers oversee all the product managers in their functional area. A director of LIS.
Project Portfolio Management. Also Periodic Preventative Maintenance.
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Precio Promedio del Mercado
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PPM is yet another Game Boy tile and map editor that uses GTK. It supports many export formats , and has different Game Boy Color color emulation modes. It can also import GBTD and GBMB files. All mouse buttons draw, and there are loads of keyboard shortcuts.
ortable ix ap file format. The colour version of the PNM format. The view window can be output as a PPM file using the ppmout command. Read the on-line description.
This is the manufacturer's rated speed of scanning. Beware, in real life this throughput is rarely attained. As a rule of thumb and for routine documentation, multiply this figure by ¼ to obtain a more realistic figure (this assumes the operator needs to prepare, handle mis-feeds, index and re-compile the document.
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Pre open warn Precool
A disclosure document which must be prepared by the issuer in a Schedule D offering if any offers are made to non-accredited investors. This document must be given to all offerees, not just the non-accredited investors. Professional Corporation: A corporation whose members are all licensed professionals such as doctors or lawyers and accountants.
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Another graphics file format.
A graphic file format that is easily converted to more popular formats (e.g., GIF & JPEG).
policy premium method. A type of prospective gross level-premium reserve valuation method that is used by insurers in Canada. See gross reserve valuation method and prospective reserve valuation method.
Processes and Production Methods
See policy premium method.
Prepayment Penalty Mortgage. A type of mortgage that requires that you pay a prepayment penalty or a fee if you repay your entire loan (or a substantial portion of it) within a certain time period.
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Prediction by Partial Matching
Planned maintenance AKA Planned Preventive Maintenance
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This acronym can be used instead of "plug in player model".