Definitions for "Care management"
() A process whereby an individual's needs are assessed, and evaluated, eligibility for service is determined, care plans are drafted and implemented, and needs are monitored and re-assessed.
A set of activities which assures that every person served by the system has a single approved care (service) plan that is coordinated, not duplicative, and designed to assure cost effective and good outcomes. Initial and continuing authorizations are generated by care coordinators.
The process by which all health-related matters of a case are managed by a physician, nurse or designated health professional.
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The management of the care of one or more individuals in receipt of a care package. The term was introduced as part of the implementation of the NHS and Community Care Act 1990 but the principles underlay much of the work of the Charity Organisation Society in the nineteenth century.
Use of educational, phone-based, and Web resources to help patients become more involved in the management of chronic illnesses such as asthma or diabetes
See case management.
Any program through the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) offices that help consumers age 60 and over maintain their independence in their homes.