Definitions for "Underlay"
Keywords:  odds, proposition, bettor, horse, favor
To lay beneath; to put under.
Having the odds of a proposition lean in favor of the house
The odds of a proposition that are in favor of the house.
Keywords:  lode, hade, incline, fault, vein
To incline from the vertical; to hade; -- said of a vein, fault, or lode.
The inclination of a vein, fault, or lode from the vertical; a hade; -- called also underlie.
Keywords:  underfoot, cushion, pad, carpet, nafco
a pad placed under a carpet
1. One or more layers of felt applied as required for a base sheet over which finish roofing is applied. 2. See Carpet Padding.
Carpet cushion under rugs.
A bad or unfavourable bet.
An unfavorable or bad bet.
A bad bet; an event that has more money bet on its happening than can be justified by the probability of it happening.
To raise or support by something laid under; as, to underlay a cut, plate, or the like, for printing. See Underlay, n., 2.
A thickness of paper, pasteboard, or the like, placed under a cut, or stereotype plate, or under type, in the form, to bring it, or any part of it, to the proper height; also, something placed back of a part of the tympan, so as to secure the right impression.
A moisture-resistant building paper that is laid over the rafters and under the battens. Required under New Zealand building code 3604 for lightweight roofing as a condensation barrier.
A high density fabric used under pond liner to protect it from puncture. Sometimes called geotextile. Also assists with installation of liner. Pond liner
Stitches applied prior to other design elements to either A) neutralize fabric-surface characteristics (see also topping); or B) to create special design effects such as depth and dimensionality.
Used under the regular stitching in a design. The stitches are placed to provide stability to the fabric and to create different effects. Underlay is normally a series of running stitches or a very light density fill often placed in the opposite direction that the stitching w/ill go.
Keywords:  grout, ramps, filler, overlay, slope
Grout mix with a high ratio of filler, used to fill in large holes, re-slope, create ramps, etc., before the application of an overlay or floor coating.
A thin layer of colored glass on the interior of a glass piece.
An underlay is artwork printed on a clear material. One would position and underlay under glass. Most common underlays: cocktail art and marquees.
Keywords:  tap, shoe
To put a tap on (a shoe).
Keywords:  primer, shirts, ink, coat, basically
a layer of white ink that we place under your design when printing on color shirts (basically a primer coat)
Keywords:  flush, ace, poker, straight, best
In poker, an ace-high straight flush; the best possible hand.
provide with a base, support, lining, or backing; "underlay the boards with joists"
A ruled sheet used as a guide for stripping identical negative flats. to top
a video sequence containing objects, the motion of which is to be determined by motion tracking.
Keywords:  behind, appears, images
An image that appears behind all other images.