Definitions for "Grout "
Grout is a program that solves tile-placing, edge-matching puzzles. It runs under both the Sun JVM and the free Kaffe VM. Puzzles may be of the sort where an edge matches itself or where an edge matches its pair . It only supports puzzles using tiles that have either four sides or six sides .
Coarse meal; ground malt;
A thin, coarse mortar, used for pouring into the joints of masonry and brickwork; also, a finer material, used in finishing the best ceilings.
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Gum Gumoil
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Lees; dregs; grounds.
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bind with grout; "grout the bathtub"
Any chemical materials used to provide anchorage between a bolt or deformed bar and a drilled hole, e.g., polyester resin.
Grout Brothers was a manufacturer of steam-powered automobiles in Orange, Massachusetts.
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Formerly, a kind of beer or ale.