Definitions for "bathtub"
A relatively large tub used to take a bath, usually a permanent fixture in a bathroom; it is an open container that is filled with water, in which a person immerses himself for the purpose of washing the body.
Bathtubs are very simple fixtures designed to contain water and one or two people, and to drain spent water into the sewer system. Bathtubs are made in a multitude of sizes, shapes, colors and configurations. They are either built into the bathroom or they are freestanding. Learn more about bathtubs. Bidet The bidet (pronounced bee-day) is a bathroom fixture that is more widely known outside of the U.S. It is usually located in the bathroom next to the toilet and is used as a more thorough method for intimate personal cleansing. Learn more about a bidet.
a relatively large open container that you fill with water and use to wash the body
A Bathtub Campaign is one which has been shrunk or reduced to fit the resources (number of players, number of miniatures, table space, etc.) on hand. The term originated with, but is not trademarked by, GDW. For example, GDW has published a Bathtub campaign of the 1941 Russian Campaign, and of the first few months of World War One in Europe.
a sanitary fitting, usually with a full-length tub and an edge roll round the rim
Non-jetted receptacle for water, shaped to fit a human body, in which a person bathes. KOHLER baths are designed with extra value added. From size to material to style, KOHLER has always been on the forefront of creating innovative baths.
Bodywork resembling an upside-down bathtub used on rear of some Triumph motorcycles. It was introduced in 1957 and dropped in the early 1960s.
the sub-grade basement of the main World Trade Center site (divided into east and west sides), whose slurry walls withhold groundwater from the site
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a less private area when the plumber is present even if his back is turned
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a bit more personal for me - something I prefer to do alone to relax and unwind
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Nickname for a Plug-In style package.
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a necessary part of
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a place for people to take a bath, it is not a home for insects