Definitions for "Urinal"
A place or device dedicated to the excretion of the liquid human waste generated by the kidneys. To Link List To Glossary Entries A-C D-F G-I J-L M-O P-R S-U V-Z V-Z
a plumbing fixture (usually attached to the wall) used by men to urinate
a must in private households with male bathroom users
A vessel for holding urine; especially, a bottle or tube for holding urine for inspection.
a hand-held, bottle-shaped container that can have two different types of necks
A bottle shape with a proportionally larger neck and flared opening for receiving urine, the female version having an oval opening, male round.
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A toilet for men and boys to wee into (you have to stand up to use it)
A urinal is a specialized toilet designed to be used only for urination, not defecation, and almost always by a standing male.
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A portable device that is used as a receptacle for urine.
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a particular container into what a particular individual can urinate while lying down or else partially sitting up
a container or jar for urine, especially for use by people who cannot get out of bed.
A round-bottomed flask traditionally used by physicians for collecting urine samples.
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an Opportunity
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A place or convenience for urinating purposes.
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a water-efficient wall-mounted unit