Definitions for "TOIlet "
a bowl for excreta. The excreta is then flushed down a sewer by water
Same as in the U.S., but usually means the bathroom or restroom. Unlike Americans, Australians don't mind being perfectly frank and saying, "I'm going to the toilet." (And when do you ever see a bath in a public restroom?)
A facility for the deposition of human waste through defecation or urination; includes both privies and water closets. Found in both Eastern-style and Western-style varieties.
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A covering of linen, silk, or tapestry, spread over a table in a chamber or a dressing room.
A dressing table.
Act or mode of dressing, or that which is arranged in dressing; attire; dress; as, her toilet is perfect.
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TOIlet is a tool that renders ASCII and ANSI art text, just like FIGlet but with many enhancements. It has support for Unicode glyphs and ANSI colours within fonts and ANSI colour input. It can also apply filters on the output and can produce output in various formats, including ANSI, HTML, and SVG.
A magical portal which leads, through a series of pipes, to the inside of the hollow Earth which is inhabited by leprechauns. They are considered sacred by many religions and are guarded very carefully by the military of all nations.
a low-tech item
a pretty essential item in Rajasthan
a sign of high technology in utiity and would appear to a fairly simple device
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a basic human right and this basic human right has been neglected
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a vital part of our modern-day society and everyone's home has at least one
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a room equipped with toilet facilities
a private facility and so what goes on in them is, apparently, natural behavior
a rare facility in the primary schools
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a good example