Definitions for "Holding tanks"
Keywords:  lavatory, rv, hookups, shower, sink
Tanks that hold the black (toilet) and gray (sink, shower, lavatory) water. Their capacity determines how long an RV can be used without hookups.
Tanks that retain wastewater when the RV unit is not connected to a sewer. The gray-water tank holds wastewater from the sinks and shower; the black-water tank holds sewage from the toilet.
Tanks that collect black water (toilet waste) and gray water (sink, shower, lavatory). Also, the freshwater tank, which supplies the water used by the RV's occupants. Holding tank capacity is one of the factors in how long a motorhome can be used without hookups.
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Specially fortified part of a Sector House designed to hold Perps until they can transferred to an Iso-Cube tp serve their sentence.