Definitions for "Diverter"
Keywords:  tub, bidets, sprayer, faucet, outlet
A three-way valve; the flow can be diverted from one outlet to another, or different inlets can be selected and sent to a common outlet.
Valves which direct water to various outlets. They are used in showers, tubs, bidets, and sinks.
Valves, used in several plumbing fixtures that divert water to different outlets. Diverters are used in faucets, showers, bathtubs, and more.
A reseller that buys "deal" product from manufacturers to re-sell outside of a target market area.
A company who buys products from a manufacturer, has it in his warehouse, and sells it to wholesalers, retailers, etc. The purchase from the manufacturer is usually at below usual price due to overstocking, closeout, overabundance of deal-priced merchandise, etc., so that the diverter can sell to distributors below the manufacturer’s normal price.
Keywords:  deflectors, pushers, merge, sort, wheel
A device used to change direction of an object. This device could be a pusher, deflector arm or wheel type device. Pushers and wheel type devices are used to sort commodity into desired lines from a main line, while deflectors are used to both sort and merge commodity.
Keywords:  skimmer, bronze, suction, versa, vice
Plastic or bronze adapter pipe that fits into a skimmer port to facilitate connection of a vacuum hose. The diverter can divert all suction to the skimmer, closing off the main drain or vice versa.
Keywords:  route, outgoing, phone, hooks, doesn't
an device that the phone company hooks up to a phone line to re-route calls from a telephone that's rings and doesn't answer to another phone that should be answered
Re-route outgoing or incoming calls to another phone
Keywords:  pleases, turns, off, one
One who, or that which, diverts, turns off, or pleases.
Keywords:  party
Any party who diverts.