Definitions for "Eductor"
Keywords:  venturi, nozzle, suction, throat, foam
Nozzles located along E-coat return headers and spaced laterally at intervals across the tank that help to agitate the paint and prevent settling of pigments, which results in cleaner deposited films.
A hydraulic device used to create a negative pressure (suction) by forcing a liquid through a restriction, such as a Venturi. An eductor or aspirator (the hydraulic device) may be used in the laboratory in place of a vacuum pump. As an injector, it is used to produce vacuum for chlorinators. Sometimes used instead of a suction pump.
a device that pulls water in from around its base and shoots it out its nozzle
Keywords:  elicits, extracts, forth, brings, one
One who, or that which, brings forth, elicits, or extracts.