Definitions for "Convenience"
Freedom from discomfort, difficulty, or trouble; commodiousness; ease; accommodation.
That which is convenient; that which promotes comfort or advantage; that which is suited to one's wants; an accommodation.
personal comfort, ease, nearness at hand
The state or quality of being convenient; fitness or suitableness, as of place, time, etc.; propriety.
A convenient or fit time; opportunity; as, to do something at one's convenience.
the state of being suitable or opportune; "chairs arranged for his own convenience"
Small and lightweight platform-independent c++ libraries and classes to perform common tasks
convenience method is an operation on an object that could be accomplished by a program consisting of more basic operations on the object. Convenience methods are usually provided to make the API easier and simpler to use or to allow specific programs to create more optimized implementations for common operations. A similar definition holds for a convenience property.
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A building or room set apart with a container for body waste products
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a toilet that is available to the public
the quality of being useful and convenient; "they offered the convenience of an installment plan"
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a device that is very useful for a particular job