Definitions for "Grocery store"
a marketplace where groceries are sold; "the grocery store included a meat market"
a few doors down from the hotel and on the nights we were too tired to go out to dinner, we'd buy something there and fix it in our kitchenette
a marketplace, a tasty land of temptation that wants to entice you to buy this, try that
a good anchor for downtown businesses," Dykhouse said
a good vantage point for
a business primarily engaged in the retail sale of a wide variety of food products
a smaller retail food store that also stocks a wide variety of foods and may have other activities but on a smaller scale
a store that sells a wide variety of food
Keywords:  walk, sip, snacks, bike, town
a great place to stock up on snacks to eat and drinks to sip while walking around town
a short bike ride/long walk home
Keywords:  lengthy, stay, needing, supplies, block
a block away for those needing supplies for a short or lengthy stay
Keywords:  square, box, windows
a square box with no windows
Keywords:  physical, market, example
an example of a physical market