Definitions for "Petrol"
If you are new to wine, this one will make you think we are all crazy. Some wines such as maturing Riesling and Australian Semillon can have an agreeable oil-lime smell.
A pleasing oily-lime smell related to a fully developed Riesling.
Petrol (2007) is a forthcoming Tamil film project directed by debutant, A. Venkatesh. The film stars Prashanth, Renuka Menon, Vadivelu, Meera Krishnan and Lakshnana.
A mixture of hydrocarbons which is used as a fuel.
A fossil fuel which is made from crude oil. When it is incinerated, petrol generates emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxide (NOx), among other things. The incineration of petrol also helps to produce global warming, acidification and eutrophication. A catalytic converter reduces the emission of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide but not carbon dioxide.
the light fuel used in cars and motor bikes.
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"Petrol" was the second single released from the 1994 album, "Trailer", by the Brit pop band Ash, and their first single on Infectious. It was released on August 15 1994 on CD and a limited 7" format. Only 500 copies of the 7" format were released, and came with a numbered picture sleeve.
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