Definitions for "Brothers"
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"Brothers" is the title of a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, from the fourth season, written by Rick Berman.
Brothers was a TV show about the three Waters brothers, the youngest of whom was gay. The gay brother, Cliff (Paul Regina), came out of the closet in the premier episode. The act took place right before Cliff was to be married to a woman and left the entire wedding party in shock.
Brothers is the fifteenth episode from the dramedy series Ugly Betty.
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Brothers is a 2004 Danish film from director Susanne Bier, written by Bier and Anders Thomas Jensen. Brothers won the Audience Award (narrative) for the 2005 Sundance Film Festival.
To see your brothers, while dreaming, full of energy, you will have cause to rejoice at your own, or their good fortune but if they are poor and in distress, or begging for assistance, you will be called to a deathbed soon, or some dire loss will overwhelm you or them.
an inoffensive show that attempts to convey a moral lesson
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a classic with scalloped edge