Definitions for "Double Odds"
Keywords:  odds, casinos, wager, twice, xodds
This is a bet not the odds on a bet - the Odds Bets are bets that you can place during point rolls. Normally you can place Odds Bets that are double as big as your pass line bet - Come bets - Don't pass bet or Don't Come bets. Odds bets have ZERO house edge so the bigger a odds bet you are allowed to place the lower the overall house edge. Most casinos offer 2XOdds but some also offers 5XOdds or even 10XOdds.
free-odds bet made at double (2X) the amount of the original bet.
An odd bet that is about twice as large as the original pass/come bet. Some casinos offer higher odds, such as 5X or even 10X odds.