Definitions for "Teaser"
Keywords:  parlay, bettor, wager, odds, payoff
A type of bet whereby the bettor selects multiple teams and gets to move the line a certain amount in each of the games. Payoffs increase when the number of teams increase. For example, a two-team, six-point teaser in the NFL might pay 100 for 110.
a bet of two or more teams in one wager where the point spread is adjusted in your favor
a bet on more than one team or total
Single advertisement or advertising campaign aimed at arousing interest and curiosity.
Promotional piece designed to build interest in an event.
In direct mail, the brief bit of copy on the outer envelope. It has just one important job: To get the recipient to open the envelope. If the teaser fails, everything else is moot.
A stallion used to determine if mares are in heat.
Substitute stallion used to test the mare's readiness for breeding with the breeding stallion.
A male horse used at breeding farms to determine whether a mare is ready to receive a stallion.
Border, usually black, set behind the proscenium and linked with tormentors to form an inner frame to the stage, and to mask the upper parts of the fly tower.
A short border used to mask equipment.
A border curtain, hung downstage of the tormentors used to mask the top of the tormentor, or may be used to mask lighting and equipment.
An eye-catching graphic element, on Page One or section fronts, that promotes an item inside; also called a promo.
Shows what is in the inside of the paper or previews a story or series. Same as a promo but smaller.
Keywords:  jager, gull
A jager gull.
A short excerpt from a larger item. Usually used in conjunction with a link to the full story.
Teaser is the debut album from American guitarist Tommy Bolin. It was released in conjunction with the album Come Taste the Band by Deep Purple, on which Bolin also played guitar. Upon its release in 1975, Teaser received considerable praise from critics.
a small scene of the episode lasting two minutes and sometimes with catch up material
A part of a program played before the title sequence, usually featuring a cliffhanger or prefiguring the plot of the episode to follow.
Keywords:  headline, plus, leads, field, text
An element that consists of a headline and text field, plus a link that leads to more information.
A unit that consists of a headline and text field, plus a link that leads to more information.
a particularly baffling problem that is said to have a correct solution; "he loved to solve chessmate puzzles"; "that's a real puzzler"
A drum covered in teasels, or thistles of a type found in Somerset, designed to raise the nap of cloth passed over it, making the material suitable for blankets.
Keywords:  vexes, one
One who teases or vexes.
Keywords:  cello, recital, lot
a lot like a cello recital
an attention-getting opening presented at the start of a television show
an article introduction to attract readers' attention
Pole toy with feathers on the end, often used by cat show judges to get a cats attention
a worker who teases wool
a device for teasing wool; "a teaser is used to disentangle the fibers"
Keywords:  blurb, trailer, movie, little
a little blurb, much like a movie trailer
Keywords:  kicker, see
(see kicker)
A shunt winding on field magnets for maintaining their magnetism when the main circuit is open.
Keywords:  punch, brief, pack, scene, self
a brief, self-contained scene designed to pack as much punch into a short amount of time as possible, before the opening titles begin
ram that have been surgically altered in a way that prevents him from reproducing.
Keywords:  audience, wings, stage, flat, prevent
a flat at each side of the stage to prevent the audience from seeing into the wings
Keywords:  start, rate, see
see Start Rate.