Definitions for "wingS "
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1) The out of view areas to the sides of the acting area. 2) Scenery standing where the acting area joins these technical areas.
The areas on either side of the stage, beyond the acting area.
On the front, sides and rear of an open-wheel car, they fine-tune the handling.
Wings were a rock music band led by Paul Mc Cartney and formed in August 1971, shortly after the breakup of The Beatles.The Beatles, Hunter Davies, 8 April 2004 (revised) Cassell Illustrated, ISBN 1-84403-104-7 Wings achieved widespread popularity during the 1970s despite continual personnel changes. McCartney interview Music Express", issue #56 (GG70470), the April/May 1982 edition
Wings was an American sitcom that ran on NBC from April 19, 1990 to May 14, 1997. The show starred Timothy Daly and Steven Weber as brothers Joe and Brian Hackett. The show was set at the fictional Tom Nevers Field, a small airport on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts, where the brothers operated Sandpiper Airlines.
The Wings haircut is a hairstyle that is commonly being used by today's teenagers. It is very popular with skateboarders. It can range from very long to Beatles Haircut-like, Some people that have the wings haircut are Mitchel Musso from Hannah Montana, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Luke Skywalker (sometimes) and Shaun White.
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stylized bird wings worn as an insignia by qualified pilots or air crew members
Wings is a 1927 silent movie about World War I fighter pilots Charles 'Buddy' Rogers and Richard Arlen who vie for the attentions of Jobyna Ralston. The film was the first film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture (then called "Best Picture, Production") in 1929, the Academy Award for Engineering Effects and the only silent film to ever win Best Picture.. The film was written by John Monk Saunders (story), Louis D.
Wings was a drama series that ran on BBC television from 1976 to 1977. It starred Tim Woodward as Alan Farmer, a young working-class fighter pilot in World War I.
wingS is a servlet development framework for Web applications. It features Swing-like components and utilizes Swing models, Swing events, and a very similar API. A special LayoutManager allows you to place components using designer provided HTML templates.
wingS is a Java library for developing web based applications in a way like developing Swing based applications. wingS bases on jdk
The appendages on the sides of early clocks. These were used to hide the wide swing of a bob pendulum.
Wings is a freeware computer game (originally shareware) created by Miika Virpioja. A 2D, DOS-based computer game with space ships that behave like lunar landers. You can select one of 33 weapons, and the surroundings can be destroyed.
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Wings (Russian: Крылья) was the first Russian novel centred on homosexuality. Written by Mikhail Kuzmin, it was printed in 1906 to the consternation of conservative literary establishment.
An equestrian term for uprights that have a horizontal extension. Wings are usually about two feet wide. While many wings look like a simple section of fence, they also come in a variety of inventive and decorative shapes and designs; for example, wings could be shaped like dogs or fire hydrants.
The parts of the sides of certain chairs between the seat, the arms and the uprights, and which are covered with material
a fantastic film with some of the best airplane effects I've ever seen
Parts of the airplane shaped like airfoils and designed in such a way to provide lift when air flows over them.
On some jumpsuits, a triangle of fabric runs from the armpit to the wrist to the waist or hip that allows the skydiver to adjust his fall rate to match that of the rest of the formation. The wings become rigid when the skydiver extends his or her arms out and forward, and gradually collapse as the arms are tucked in.
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Wings is an album by Bonnie Tyler, released in 2005. It is her third album in four years, and she has co-written most of the tracks.
a means of flight or ascent; "necessity lends wings to inspiration"
Wings is the 4th episode of season one of the television situation comedy 8 Simple Rules.
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freedom of movement that angels have
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These are the ends that come around from the back of the diaper to the front to close up the diaper.
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