Definitions for "Angels"
(energetic spiritual beings who assist humans with the living process because they have special powers or help us to see our own special powers.While generally thought not to be in physical form, many incarnate into physical form and also come and go as needed from spirit to physical form as needed.)
are powerful entities associated with Heaven. The conceptions of angels are many and varied, ranging from the purely spiritual to the powerfully physical. As my games define the terms, there is nothing to prevent an angel from being a deity or vice versa.
Created spirits without bodies, having understanding and free will. inferior to God and superior to mankind. According to the Bible, they are endowed with great power and intellect. They take human form for the purpose of delivering some message to man from God. They are usually described as young men robed in dazzling white. only three Angels are named in Scripture ... Raphael, Gabriel and Michael. Apocryphal Jewish books refer to Angels called Uriel and Jeremiiel. Some other Bible terms accepted regarding Angels are: Morning Stars, Holy Ones, and Multitudes of Heaven, Myriad's.
Individuals providing venture capital.
wealthy individuals from the informal venture capital market that are willing to risk their own money in someone else's business
A wealthy individual who provides startup capital to young companies to help them grow. Angels take a large risk in exchange for a potentially big return on their investment.
"Angels" is a song by written by Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers, originally performed by Williams, and covered by Jessica Simpson, Mexican singer Yuridia and also by singer Beverley Knight and 2006 newcomer band All Angels. The original recording by Williams proved to be the greatest commercial success.
Angels is the name of the new album by goth rock band The 69 Eyes. Not much information on this album is known, since it was just announced on the official website on April 14, 2006. It is the sequel to The 69 Eyes's last album Devils.
Angels is the third single of Dutch band Within Temptation from their album The Silent Force It peaked at #9 in Finland and #11 in the Netherlands
Air Traffic Control shorthand for ‘altitude.'
Altitude in thousands of feet. "Angels fifteen" means 15,000 ft.
Altitude in thousands of feet, e.g. "Angels One Five" = 15,000 feet. Usually used in Air Combat radio transmissions. see also "Flight Level"
To dream of Angels have many diverse meanings and must be thoroughly studied in light of the dreamers lifestyle, beliefs, interaction with others, etc.. One of the meanings is that if the dreamer has been particularly wicked or worked ill to another it could be a call to repeat through prayer. Another is, if you are a person who is basically good you will find peace and joy in the dream, or consolation for some sorrow. In any event, it usually works a change in the dreamers life that will move and grow both immediately and throughout life.
A favorable dream forecasting success, protection, happiness, and rewarding friendships.
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See Malaâ€(tm)ikah.
An angel is a fictional entity within the Marvel Comics universe, based on the angels of the Abrahamic faiths.
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Angels was a British television drama dealing with the subject of student nurses that was broadcast by the BBC between 1975 and 1983. The series' title derived from the name of the hospital where the series was set, St. Angela's.
Beings created by Allah from light. They have no free will and are completely obedient to Allah.
Radar echoes caused by birds, insects, and localized refractive index discontinuities.
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High net worth individuals who provide seed money to very early stage companies, usually investing their own money rather than that of institutional or other investors.
People who invest in start-up technology companies.