Definitions for "Sheol"
Keywords:  grave, underworld, hell, nether, hades
The place of departed spirits; Hades; also, the grave.
Place of departed dead in (some) ancient Israel thought, without reference to punishments and rewards. See also hell, heaven.
Grave; world of the dead.
Sheol was the 2003 album from the Swedish black metal band Naglfar. This was the last album before the departure of long time vocalist Jens Ryden from the band. During this the recording of this album, the line up consisted of Jens Ryden as vocals, Kristoffer Olivius on bass, Marcus Norman and Andreas Nilsson on guitars, and Mattias Grahn on bass.
In the Dominions, the original home of the Sanguinary; near the firmament.
one of the TimeKeeper Demons, Sheol is the Demon of mid-afternoon, and despair.