Definitions for "HADES "
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The lower world; the residence of departed spirits; the place where the dead live. Among the ancients the idea of Hades was not synonymous with our Hell, many of the most respectable men of antiquity residing there in a very comfortable kind of way. Indeed, the Elysian Fields themselves were a part of Hades, though they have since been removed to Paris. When the Jacobean version of the New Testament was in process of evolution the pious and learned men engaged in the work insisted by a majority vote on translating the Greek word "Aides" as "Hell"; but a conscientious minority member secretly possessed himself of the record and struck out the objectional word wherever he could find it. At the next meeting, the Bishop of Salisbury, looking over the work, suddenly sprang to his feet and said with considerable excitement: "Gentlemen, somebody has been razing 'Hell' here!" Years afterward the good prelate's death was made sweet by the reflection that he had been the means (under Providence) of making an important, serviceable and immortal addition to the phraseology of the English tongue.
The nether world (according to classical mythology, the abode of the shades, ruled over by Hades or Pluto); the invisible world; the grave.
in Greek mythology the underworld, the abode of the spirits of the dead
The second symbolic planet used in Uranian astrology.
Hades is a theoretical point used in Uranian astrology that takes 360 years to supposedly orbit the Sun.
"Ade, nella mitologia greco-romana divinità che regnava sull'oltretomba e, per estensione, il regno dei morti"
HADES (Haskins Analysis Display and Experiment System) refers to a family of signal processing computer programs that was developed in the 1980s at Haskins Laboratories by Philip Rubin and colleagues to provide for the display and analysis of multiple channel physiological, speech, and other sampled data in an experimental context. Principal programmers over the years on this project included Vance Maverick, Mark Tiede, Marian Pressler, and Simon Levy The most significant feature of HADES was the incorporation of a procedural language known as SPIEL (Signal Processing Interactive Editing Language) that provided for the creation and customization of specialized analysis procedures that can be stored as text files, edited, etc., and are similar to functions and subroutines in programming languages like C and Fortran.
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"Hades' hole, Adama"; "Where in Hades is he?"; "Where in Hades hole..." (Cain/LL); "I don't know how in Hades you are ever going to make warriors." (recruiting officer, MWNL)
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Hades is an easy-to-use GNOME video player which allows you to apply special effects in realtime. Because it uses libmpeg3 it can play MPEG-2 video, MPEG-1 video, and DVD files.
Help for Advanced DESign is an open-source software which provides a rich architecture allowing to implement quickly algorithms or results' interpreters, as module. It has been initially developed for spatial computation (trajectory, staging, prop