Definitions for "Nergal"
(Meslamtaea; Gugalanna; Greek Hades) Ereshkigal's husband; called the "Great Bull of Heaven"
(also Meslamtaea "He who comes forth from the luxuriant Mesu Tree") Mesopotamian chthonic deity. Son of Enlil (sky god) and Ninlil (grain goddess). Perhaps originally a tree god. Seized the underworld from Ereshkigal, who became his queen.
(Akkadian) god ruling with his consort Ereshkigal the world of the dead
an ancient arch-devil, having held his station since the time of Lucifer the Satan
Nergal is the fictional main villain of Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. He took control of the famous mercenary group Black Fang to use it for his own selfish desires. He has the ability to absorb the quintessence, or life force, of people, which immediately causes their death.