Definitions for "ARES"
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Olympian god of war and strife. Son of Zeus and Hera, both of whom held him in low regard. Actions typified by violence and hot-headedness which were often at odds with the Athenian ideals. Committed adultery with Aphrodite
AR-eez] (Mars) Son of Zeus and Hera, he is the personification of male aggression and the fighting spirit, an unpopular god in Greece but highly respected in Rome, where he was identified with Mars, an Italian god of agriculture and war.
In Greek mythology, Ares (in Greek: - Aris ("Battle Strife"))The reading often remains ambiguous, as in a late sixth-century funerary inscription from Attica: "Stay and mourn at the tomb of dead Kroisos/ Whom raging Ares destroyed one day, fighting in the foremost ranks" (Athens, NM 3851) quoted in Andrew Stewart, One Hundred Greek Sculptors: Their Careers and Extant Works, Introduction: I. "The Sources" is the son of Zeus (king of the gods) and Hera. Though often incorrectly referred to as the Olympian god of war, he is more accurately the god of savage war, or bloodlust.
Alternative Retail Electric Supplier. Is someone other than an Illinois electric utility that offers electric power or energy for sale, lease or in exchange for other value received, or that engages in the delivery or furnishing of electric power or energy, to one or more retail customers.
Alternative Retail Energy Suppliers. A non-utility entity authorized by law to provide electric power and energy service to retail customers. ARES must be licensed by the Illinois Commerce Commission in accordance with Illinois House Bill 362.
Alternative Retail Electric Supplier. An entity, other than an Illinois jurisdictional utility which sells electricity to Retail Electric Customers in Illinois. ARES must be certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission.
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Amateur Radio Emergency Services
Amateur Radio Emergency Service
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The town of Aresden
American Real Estate Society. ARES has 950 members who are interested in real estate finance, investment, valuation, marketing, development, etc. Founded in 1985, it is located at Cleveland State University in the College of Business, Cleveland, Ohio.
see American Real Estate Society.
Advanced Rover Engineering and Science Tool. The software scientists and engineers will use to "drive" the rovers.
angle resolved electron spectroscopy 1/2
This article is about the computer game. For other possible meanings of the name Ares, see Ares (disambiguation).