Definitions for "Ate"
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The goddess of mischievous folly; also, in later poets, the goddess of vengeance.
goddess of criminal rashness and its punishment
(Gk- blindness; ruin; pron. aw'-tay): in ancient Greek culture this term was used for criminal folly or reckless ambition of a man beyond his proper sphere; it can refer both to blind ambition, and also to that moral blindness which lacks the courage and humility to admit wrong and to ask forgiveness; in the Iliad, Book 9, Agamemnon confesses: "Mad, blind I was!" (IX.134) and Achilles' old friend Phoenix warns him about being "stiff-necked and harsh... blinded" (IX.621); in Greek mythology there was a goddess Ate (often translated "Ruin") who personified the fatal blindnesss and recklessness which produces crime, and the divine punishment which follows it and punishes it; Homer said that Ate was the eldest daughter of Zeus, "that maddening goddess...who blinds us all," and that Zeus cast her out of heaven after she once blinded even him (XIX.106-158; see also Fagles, Intro., p. 54)
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Thick fruit jelly, typically made of quince or guave and often served with cheese.
Thick fruit jellly, typically made of quince or guava and often served with cheese.
Common Japanese abbreviation for atari
The same as Atari.
Abbreviation for Adjusted Total Equity. This figure is calculated by subtracting any funds not cleared from an account's total equity. ATE is the primary equity figure used by XPRESSTRADE for margin purposes.
Acronym for the fic After the End by Arabella and Zsenya. (See " Headmistresses", " UberFic".) AU - Acronym for Alternate Universe. (A favourite Star Trek trick, like when, you know Worf and Deanna were having this thing? and..., well never mind.) A story in which one factor in a time line alters the rest of a story. Ex. "What if Harry and Hermione being interested in one another?" or "What if Dorco, I mean Draco, is sorted into Hufflepuff?" Baby Remus - The name given to Alphie's baby before he was born a healthy little cub on July 31, 2002. Notice his birthday coincides with the great Joanne Rowling's? Talk about taking her HP addiction a bit too far...
Automated Test Environment
Automatic Test Equipment. Equipment used to test electrical characteristics of electronic components such as integrated circuits and memories.
Abbreviation for Automatic Test Equipment. Test equipment computer programmed to perform a number of test measurements on a device without the need for changing the test setup. Especially useful in testing components and PCB assemblies.
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the preterit of Eat.
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European technical approval (Agrément technique européen).
A suffix for possession of. Example: porate.
See Asynchronous Terminal Emulation.
After The Event legal fees insurance. See our detailed explanation.
Association of Teacher Educators
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Actual Time en Route