Definitions for "Hermes "
See Mercury.
Originally, a boundary stone dedicated to Hermes as the god of boundaries, and therefore bearing in some cases a head, or head and shoulders, placed upon a quadrangular pillar whose height is that of the body belonging to the head, sometimes having feet or other parts of the body sculptured upon it. These figures, though often representing Hermes, were used for other divinities, and even, in later times, for portraits of human beings. Called also herma. See Terminal statue, under Terminal.
Ermes - Olympian messenger. Son of Zeus and Maia, the daughter of Atlas. Famed for his golden sandals and lyre and associated with delivering entreaties of peace, travel and commerce although also renowned for his mischievous nature and theft of Apollo's cattle. Quickly became the trusted messenger of Zeus and was the one to lead Hera, Aphrodite and Athena to learn the judgement of Paris as to which of the three goddesses should receive the apple Eris had tossed onto the table at the wedding of Thetis and Peleus
The Hermes of the Museo Pio-Clementino, part of the Vatican collections, Rome, was long admired as the Belvedere Antinous, named from its prominent placement in the Cortile del Belvedere. Its idealized face is not in fact that of Antinous, the Emperor Hadrian's beloved.This was recognized early, but the alternative identifications never gained much ground until the twentieth century. The cloak, known as a chlamys thrown over the left shoulder and wrapped round the left forearm and the relaxed contrapposto identify the sculpture as a Hermes, one of a familiar Praxitelean type.
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the male screech owl that belonged to Percy Weasley (SS6; CS3; OP14)
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HERMES is a Web application framework designed to help provide a rapid application development framework for business tools with an initial focus of CRM . It provides an integrated and flexible approach to business tools, and allows for database abstraction, library models, user rights management, and other critical areas.
The DSM eBusiness project that facilitates the integration and use of eBusiness tools via the standard DSM eBusiness Platform.
Hermes was a proposed mini-shuttle designed by the European Space Agency which was superficially similar to the US X-20. The program was greenlit by the French government in 1978, but the project only officially started in November 1987, scheduled for service in 1995, and was finally terminated in 1993 after changes in the financial and political landscape had removed the arguments for Hermes. No Hermes shuttles were ever built.
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The German ECA.
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Hermes provides a Swing GUI to access JMS queues and topics for common tasks such as sending messages, removing messages and copying messages between queues and topics.
The first satellite to experiment with small satellite dishes for television. This use of small dishes made live news reports from remote locations possible. The Canadian Hermes satellite was launched on January 17, 1976.
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The short name for the University Computing Service's dedicated e-mail system,
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in progress
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Central email service