Definitions for "Vesta "
One of the great divinities of the ancient Romans, identical with the Greek Hestia. She was a virgin, and the goddess of the hearth; hence, also, of the fire on it, and the family round it.
An asteroid, or minor planet, discovered by Olbers in 1807.
The fourth asteroid of astrological interest discovered in the early nineteenth century. Named after the virgin fire goddess (Roman), its symbolic influence is protective.
Vesta is an advanced system for source code control, versioning, configuration management, and building. It is an alternative to CVS+make. It has a variety of unique features including automatic language-independent dependency detection, guaranteed repeatability of builds, and seamless multi-site collaboration.
Vesta is a software configuration management system released by Compaq under the LGPL. Compaq claims that Vesta is a mature system and is the result of over 10 years of research and development at the Compaq/Digital Systems Research Center.
brings the good forces to rituals and ceremonies, drives away evil spirits
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A wax friction match.