Definitions for "Helios"
In earlier Greek mythology, the sun was personified as a deity called Hêlios (Greek for "the sun"), whom Homer equates with the sun titan Hyperion. Other sources say Helios is Hyperion's son by his sister Theia. Helios was seen driving a fiery chariot across the sky. He has two sisters, the moon goddess Selene and the dawn goddess Eos. Many think that Apollo becomes the Olympian "sun god", but this idea is mostly based on speculation and assumption.
The Greek name for the Sun. Also used, in altered forms, as a prefix or suffix to indicate a quantity related to the Sun, such as perihelion, aphelion, heliosphere, spectroheliogram, etc.
(Greek mythology) ancient god of the sun; drove his chariot across the sky each day; identified with Roman Sol
[PL] Projekt rozbudowy systemu informatycznego IV LO w Bytomiu - system portow, serwery, CMS itp. [EN] A project which aims to enhance IT system of IV High School in Bytom, Poland - ports system, servers, CMS, etc.
Helios Movie Centre (polish: Centrum Filmowe Helios) is a multiplex cinema operator in Poland.
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Helios is the moniker of ambient and experimental music producer and songwriter Keith Kenniff. He has released two albums under the name - Unomia on Merck Records in 2004 and Eingya on Type Records in 2006. Kenniff currently attends the Berklee College of Music in Boston.
A precursor concept to the Orion project, Helios postulated detonating small, 0.1 kiloton nuclear bombs into a chamber roughly 130 feet in diameter. Water would be injected into the chamber, super-heated by the explosion and expelled for thrust. Like Orion, it would have achieved constant acceleration through rapid "pulsed" operation.
Handicapped people in the European community Living In Open Society (DG 5)
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a portable liquid oxygen device
Helios is a 32-bit protected mode OS which is developed using assembly language and C.
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