Definitions for "Inanna"
Keywords:  astarte, ishtar, sumerian, utu, dumuzi
("Queen of Heaven"; Ice Age 'Willendorf Venus'; Babylonian Ishtar; Assyrian Mylitta; Caananite Asherah, Astarte; Biblical "Lady of Shame" Ashtoreth; Egyptian Hathor; Greek Aphrodite; Roman Venus; Norse Ostara; Saxon Eostre) Goddess of the morning star and Utu's twin sister; goddess of love and fertility as well as the goddess of war; she and Dumuzi are the principle deities involved in the Sacred Marriage Rite
consort of Dumuzi (Tammuz)
Sumerian; Goddess representation of the Mother.
Inanna is an object oriented artificial neural network C++ library. Libraries are based on MagiClib base class library .