Definitions for "Topics"
The first message on a particular subject attached to a folder in the StarTeam folder hierarchy. Once submitted by one team member, others may respond to it, creating a topic tree.
Postcards that are not views, but are of subjects such as baseball, kites, cats, and golf.
Terms used at the third level of classification in a functions thesaurus. Sometimes a fourth level of classification, subtopics, is also included. Topics are formulated from the transaction flows that define the boundaries of activities. In general, topics will not relate directly to each transaction but more commonly to a group of transactions or tasks.
Topics (or "Topica") is a text by Aristotle. The text deals with logic and logical argumentation.
Business Intelligence - Data Warehousing, Data Mining - Analysis, Database Management
Career Development, Methodology, Software Project Management
Smaller sections of the collaboration material in a Work Area.