Definitions for "Preterism"
(Praeterist, preterist) Preterism identifies Christians who believe that most or all of Bible Prophecy has already been fulfilled in Christ, by 70 A.D., or the on-going expansion of His Kingdom. The word Preterit is Latin and means Pre (before) in fulfillment. i.e., [L. praeteritus, gone by]. It is expressing time fulfilled. It is the doctrine of Past-fulfillment of most of the prophesy of scripture. [ back
A Christian belief system in which some or all of the end-time events specified in the Christian Scriptures (New Testament) are believed to have already been fulfilled. They were accomplished in the past, particularly during the Roman-Jewish war of 66 to 73 CE.
'Preterism' is a theological position that holds that most, if not all, New Testament prophecies regarding the end-times or the end of the age were fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple by the Romans in AD 70 and associated events. It is contrasted with 'futurist' interpretations that regard these prophecies as being still unfulfilled.