Definitions for "Elohim"
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One of the principal names by which God is designated in the Hebrew Scriptures.
("Lords") Common name for God used in the Old Testament; translated "God" in the Bible
"Mighty One" Hebrew title for Yahweh.
a people met by the wandering Giants -Eoman: a unit of the Warward of Lord's Keep, twenty warriors and a Warhaft -Fangthane the Render: Ramen name for Lord Foul -Fire-Lions: fire-flow of Mount Thunder -fire-stones: graveling -First Mark: the Bloodguard commander -First Ward of Kevin's Lore: primary knowledge left by High Lord Kevin -forbidding: a wall of power -Forestal: protector of the remnants of the One Forest -Foul's Creche: the Despiser's home -Furl Falls: waterfall at Revelstone -Furl's Fire: warning fire at Revelstone -Garth: Warmark of the Warward of Lord's Keep -Gay: a Winhome of the Ramen -Giantclave: Giantish conference -Giants: the Unhomed, ancient friends of the Lords -Gilden: a maple-like tree with golden leaves -Gildenlode: a power-wood formed from Gilden trees -Grace: a Cord of the Ramen -graveling: fire-stones, made to glow by stone-lore -Gravelingas: a master of the stone-lore -Gray Slayer: plains name for Lord Foul
In the Levantine pantheon, the Elohim are the sons of El the ancient of days (olam) assembled on the divine holy place, Mount Zephon (Jebel Aqra). This mountain, which lies in Syria, was regarded as a portal to its heavenly counterpart. The Elohim are ruled by the El called Hadad the most high (elyon) who was known among the common people as "the master" ("Baal").
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Elohim is a 1997 album by jazz band Aka Moon. It is the second CD of a tryptich composed by Fabrizio Cassol for the band. The first song is dedicated to Indian music and the other titles to African music.