Definitions for "Incarnation"
The act of clothing with flesh, or the state of being so clothed; the act of taking, or being manifested in, a human body and nature.
The union of the second person of the Godhead with manhood in Christ.
An incarnate form; a personification; a manifestation; a reduction to apparent from; a striking exemplification in person or act.
A spirit of the dead or a supernatural incarnation of a primal champion or force, including such entities as Death and the Fates, as well as less powerful spirits such as Banshees and Wraiths. Incarnations are divided into the Vengeful and Restless groups. Not to be confused with the Un-Dead.
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CORBA is a middleware between program and OS.
A separate version of a physical database. The incarnation of the database changes when you open it with the RESETLOGS option, but you can recover backups from a prior incarnation so long as the necessary redo is available.
a creature that creates an effect when it is in the graveyard, and you have the appropriate land
The act of associating a virtual object with a servant, usually in a servant activator.
time passed in a particular bodily form; "he believes that his life will be better in his next incarnation"
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A life on Earth. To incarnate is to be born
a complete set of equipment including weapons and abilities