Definitions for "Middleware"
Refers to programs that connect two separate applications. MiddleWare is often used as the glue between a database and web-based application. Sometimes referred to as plumbing.
software components in a distributed system that form a middle tier of processing between client applications interfacing with users and backend components such as databases or application servers
Middleware is a layer of software that runs on top of a set top box operating system which allows application software to be run over a wide variety of set top boxes. Examples of set-top middleware include Liberate and OpenTV.
a suite of enterprise integration products geared to simplifying the transition from point-to-point or huband-spoke architectures to a service oriented architecture
Network-based services that sit between users and the service that they are trying to access, enabling them to access that service or provide additional functionality. Authentication/ authorisation is a classic example.
an important standard for open, distributed company-wide document management solutions on different platforms and at different locations