Definitions for "CFM"
See "cubic foot/min"
A rating that expresses the amount of air a blower or fan can move. The volume of air (measured in cubic feet) that can pass through an opening in one minute.
A common means of assigning quantitative values to volumes of air in transit, usually abbreviated CFM.
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Community Based Forest Management
That portion of the Connection Management (CMT) within the Station Management (SMT) function of an FDDI station that provides for the configuration of PHY and MAC entities within a node.
Contractor Financial Management
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Compagnie française de Mokta ; Cogéma 100% (aquired from the Societé Imétal); mining company
A programming language called Cold Fusion Markup. Internet files that use this language have a .cfm extension.
Page using Cold Fusion to display dynamic content.
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Come Fuck Me, as in "Russell had that CFM look on his face...!"
file extension for a ColdFusion web page (a web page dynamically created with information from a database)
Customer Focused Manufacturing
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Cost Factors Manual
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call failure message