Definitions for "Spm"
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See " scanning probe microscope."
scanning probe microscopy. Scanning probe microscopy refers to microscopy techniques, where the sample is not imaged at once, but scanned line by line. It includes (STM scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), atomic force microscopy (AFM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), confocal laser scanning microscopy, and near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM).
Scanning Probe Microscopy. Experimental techniques used to image both organic and inorganic surfaces with (near) atomic resolution. Includes atomic force microscopes and scanning tunneling microscopes.
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(Single-Point Mooring) System – a mooring system that allows a tanker to weathervane around a mooring point.
Single Point Mooring. A mooring structure used by tankers to load and unload cargo. Synonym: single buoy mooring (SBM).
Stitches per minute. System used to measure the running speed of an embroidery machine.
STROKES PER MINUTE. Straight-line sanders are rated in strokes per minute (spm), which is the number of back-and-forth strokes the pad makes in a minute.
Stitches-per-minute measurement used to rate embroidery machine production speed.
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elf- ropelled ortar.
Statistical Parametric Map.
Surface Potential Mapping. The computation of Potentials at each facet of a given Polyhedron (usually the outermost torso polyhedron) during a Trial. SPM can only be generated for polyhedra for which the Enable SPM checkbox has been checked, and may be viewed using a Polyhedron Editor in Surface Potential facet display modality.
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Software Parts Manager. A tool for selecting and managing Rogue Wave products (parts). SPM has two components: a set of configuration and build model scripts and the partmgr application.
Shock Pulse measurement. A condition Monitoring Tool measuring the shock pulse in rotating equipment. Note: Shock pulse is the pressure wave generated through materials when two materials hit each other. A vibration will wave will be generated by the Shock pulse
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canning robe icroscopy
Spontaneous Pagan Mayhem; ie, drumming and dancing. SPM has come to be the form of energy-raising in our open rituals. (Organizers, be warned - people expect their SPM fix.)
Spm is package manager to install source package. It could install/uninstall package .
Storage Performance Management
Software Protection Manager. mental images' proprietary licensing and software protection system.
Suspended Particulate Matter
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Signal Processor Module
See self-phase modulation.
Supplier performance measurement.
School Progress Measure
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WP File