Definitions for "Feed rate"
Keywords:  ipm, revolution, minute, mmpm, mmpr
The unit distance divided by a time scale that a tool travels while machining. Usually the unit distance is "inches" and the time scale is "minutes". The resultant rate is then expressed as "inches per minute" (or i/m or IPM) or sometimes expressed as "feet per minute" (or f/m or FPM). See also cutting speed, surface feet per minute
The rate at which cutting tips move across the face of the drum or rotor. Expressed in inches/revolution or inches/minute.
The linear travel of the workpiece into the blade, usually expressed in inches per minute.
Keywords:  pulsar, feed, spray, chlorinator, pool
The rate at which chlorine is produced and feed into the pool system by the Pulsar chlorinator.
Feed rate: A non standard term used to describe spray rate
Quantity of material introduced in the machine by time unit. (lbs/h)
The distance that the stock being processed moves during a given interval of time or operational cycle. - Category: Effect