Definitions for "OPM"
ORBITS PER MINUTE. Orbital motion sanders are rated in orbits per minute (opm), or the number of times the pad completes a full circle in a minute.
Oscillations Per Minute. A measure of how many times an item vibrates in 1 minute.
Originals per minute] The number of A4-size originals a scanner can scan per minute.
Organisesi Papua Merdeka - Free Papua Movement
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City of Seattle Office of Policy Management
Office of Policy & Management - CT
The Federal Government's central personnel agency. OPM administers the CSRS and the FERS Basic Benefit Plan.
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OPM are a band best known for their single Heaven Is A Halfpipe. OPM have a distinctive sound, combining hip-hop and pop with laid-back reggae.
Original Pilipino Music
See original program model (OPM).
original program model. The set of functions for compiling source code and creating high-level language programs on the AS/400 system before the Integrated Language Environment (ILE) model was introduced.
Other people's money. An investment term referring to the process of making investments with the use of borrowed funds.
Other PeoplesÕ Money
"Other People's Money." This is money that you want to use in as many transactions as possible.
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Oporto Opportunity cost of capital
Optical Peripheral Module (component of the iMSS Call Agent)