Definitions for "Print Speed"
Keywords:  ppm, minute, aficio, workio, ricoh
Measured in pages per minute in two ways. "Rated engine speed" - the number of pages of "text only" that a printer can produce in one minute using internal fonts. "Throughput" - how fast raw data is turned into hard copy.
Print speed is the number of pages that are put out by a machine once it has warmed up, also referred to as PPM, which is “Pages Per Minute”. Often times the machine model name will indicate the print per minute speed. (For example, the Panasonic Workio DP-3510, the Ricoh Aficio 1035P, and the NEC IT3510 all copy at 35 pages per minute.)
How quickly in pages per minute (ppm) black and white or color printouts are printed. The higher the number the less you have to wait for large projects.