Definitions for "Checkbox"
Usually a small box that can be toggled either "on" of "off." When clicked, an "x" or checkmark appears signifying an "on" option.
Within WebCT, a selection box that usually indicates more than one option can be selected. For instance, clicking multiple files within Manage Files will allow you to zip those that are selected. In a multiple choice question it means you may select more than one answer.
In the OPEN LOOK GUI, a nonexclusive setting that shows a checkmark in a square box when the setting is chosen.
a group of ToggleButtons in which each ToggleButton may be set independently of the others
a good way for a form to get a true or false answer from a user
A form element that can be used for single or multiple answer questions.
Keywords:  viewer, off, choice, switch, multiple
a control that represents a setting or value with an on or off choice
an on/off switch
This is primarily used on forms when there is a list of items given. A viewer can “check off” one or multiple items from this list.
Keywords:  exclusive, entry, user, figure, input
a figure used to allow the user to make non-exclusive specifications.
Type of data entry on forms for users to input data.
A form control with two possible states, checked or not checked. Unless otherwise programmed, a checkbox's state does not affect the state of any other control.