Definitions for "Text Box"
A term used in the Quark XPress page layout program. A text box is an element on a page containing headline or body copy. A text box can be moved independently of any other text box on the page and can be adjusted in width and depth to change the copy flow. Text can be caused to flow from one text box to another allowing a multi-column layout or allowing an article to begin in the front, and continue in the back of a publication.
A space in the dialog box where text or numbers can be entered so that a command can be carried out.
An object box that contains "free floating" text - that can be moved, resized, or formatted as necessary within a slide.
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a block of text that sits on the worksheet
a paragraph or a series of 'connected' paragraphs in PowerPoint
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An area of a Web page, usually created with INPUT tags, that accepts a single line of input.
Allows a single line of text to be input of a size and number of characters specified. e.g. HTML: input type="text" size="25" maxlength="20"
Keywords:  toolbox, graphic, slides, type, space
an area on the screen in which you can type characters
an item from the toolbox that allows a user to type in some text in a field or space
a space where you can type text or add graphics
A control element used to display text.
a control that is used to display text to, or receive text from, the user
a flexible and intuitive means of reading in or displaying values on the Web page
Keywords:  enter, field, string, edit, online
A standard Windows control in which a user can enter and edit text (also referred to as the edit field).
An area of an online form into which you can enter text.
A field in a Web form where you can enter a string of text.
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In desktop publishing, a piece of text set apart from the main story on a page.
Keywords:  keyboard, field, data, accepts, report
an area on a form or report where data fields can be shown or changed
A field that accepts one line of data from the keyboard
Keywords:  resides, control, form
a control that resides on the form