Definitions for "Slides"
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Small runners installed in a traverse rod which hold a drapery pin or hook.
Runners used to connect a drapery pin or hook to a traverse rod.
Slides are small runners installed in a traverse rod that hold a curtain pin or hook.
Typically, the word slides refers to mounted 35mm positive transparencies. Often, it used to mean a positive transparency of any size or format and is used to distinguish positive films from negative films. Ilfochrome Classic is a positive print material, i.e., it will reproduce what is projected onto it. If you project a color negative, the print will not look like the original scene, but will have a strong orange tinge and its colors reversed, just like the negative itself does.
The developed 35mm film housed in cardboard or plastic casing.
This is a special type of 35mm film that has been processed into strips, cut and encased in cardboard or plastic. A model can use slides to be reproduced into photos or composites.
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Hollow rails upon which a rower or sculler's sliding seat will roll.
A slide is a skateboarding trick where the skateboarder slides sideways either on the deck or on the wheels.
A portion of the mold which is made to travel at an angle to the normal movement of the molding machine, to produce recesses, undercuts and holes.
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In geometry, a transformation where a figure moves in a given direction.
Slides are the individual pages of your presentation. Slides can be designed with different titles, graphics, text, and much more.