Definitions for "Reproduce"
To make an image or other representation of; to portray; to cause to exist in the memory or imagination; to make a copy of; as, to reproduce a person's features in marble, or on canvas; to reproduce a design.
To produce offspring.
The act of copying or duplicating through imitation.
repeat after memorization; "For the exam, you must be able to regurgitate the information"
recreate an idea, mood, atmosphere, etc. as by artistic means; "He reproduced the feeling of sadness in the portrait"
whakahuatia To make new babies (for animals) or seeds (for plants).
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Another word for ‘breed’.
Keywords:  witness, bring, forward, play, charges
To bring forward again; as, to reproduce a witness; to reproduce charges; to reproduce a play.
Keywords:  children
To make children.
Keywords:  exist, cause
To cause to exist again.
Keywords:  produce
To produce again.