Definitions for "Callout"
Text and a line that points to an area on a graphic image. For example
A quotation, often surrounded by a box, that uses large text to set it apart from the rest of the page. The effect is to draw attention to the page contents.
text that identifies element of an illustration or any material such as a "pull quote" that is called out of the text.
An introductory meeting sponsored by a student club or activity to attract new members. Students attend callouts to find out about a group that they may want to join.
The callout is intended to tease browsers to want to read the article. It's usually a sentence or two pulled from the article and upsized. The magazine's graphic designer will place it, pleasingly, somewhere on the page to break up copy but mostly, to serve as a tease into the article.
Callout is a special type of Topic in a MindManager map - usually shown as a "speech bubble" connected to a regular Topic. ResultsManager uses Callouts in dashboard maps to show you which project a certain activity belongs to. ResultsManager uses Callouts to show parent projects Refer to the MindManager documentation for more information about Callouts.
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A selection of type (word or phrase) that is set in larger or bolder type from the body copy font for emphasis.
a visual device for associating annotations with an image, program listing, or similar figure
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A callout is any job that an SES crew is sent to. Sometimes we refer to a job as a callout. ie: "We had 3 callouts last week."