Definitions for "Reflow"
Or Type Reflow. When paragraph text shifts, affecting line returns and hyphenation. Due to the replacement of one font with another.
The repositioning of characters or line breaks. Text editing, modifications to kerning or to other settings can cause reflow.
The repositioning of characters or line brakes caused by modifications to text.
The melting of electrodeposited tin/lead followed by solidification. The surface has the appearance and physical characteristics of being hot-dipped.
Process of heating solder preforms or solder creams to form joints. (Melting)
A term used to describe the fusing of a tin:lead alloy electroplated onto a circuit. Virtually outmoded.
Keywords:  ebb, flow, back
To flow back; to ebb.
An undesirable occurrence in which the line breaks in digitally typeset copy change due to alterations in the layout.
Application behavior in which ink is bound, in a logical way, with the underlying application tree.
The act of laying out the content tree and creating/updating the corresponding frame hierarchy is called reflowing.