Definitions for "Anneal"
Keywords:  brittle, toughen, soften, cool, slowly
To subject to great heat, and then cool slowly, as glass, cast iron, steel, or other metal, for the purpose of rendering it less brittle; to temper; to toughen.
To heat, as glass, tiles, or earthenware, in order to fix the colors laid on them.
A term used by the Independent Gemological Laboratories to describe a heating enhancement process used with color gemstones.
The biochemical process of hybridising or binding two segments of complementary nucleic acid at an optimal temperature of 40-65ºC.
The act of two nucleic acid sequences hydrogen bonding through complementarity of the bases determining their sequences.
A high-temperature processing step (usually the last one) designed to repair defects in the crustal structure of the wafer.
Keywords:  primers, template, stick, strand, dna
When primers anneal to the template, they stick to the DNA strand in a specific way due to base pairings.