Definitions for "Heat Treating"
The process of applying a specified heat over a specified time and cooling in a specified manner changes the physical properties of metal. A metal has been "heat-treated" when such a process has been applied.
Method of adding specific qualities (e.g., hardness) to metals by controlled beating and cooling.
The processes through which armour is hardened through heating. In general, most iron or ferrous armour is hardened either through work hardening (done by hammering) or by heating it to its critical temperature (dependent upon the technique used) and then quenched in water, urine, oil or other more secret substances. Prior to the 14th century, most hardened pieces were worked, planished, from the hammer rather than heat treated. During the 15th century, there is some evidence that the German armourers, particularly in Augsburg, began to use a sophisticated two step method that achieved a superior hardness and a resiliance to brittleness. See especially Theodore Monnich's article in Chornique: The Journal of Chivalry #13.
A high temperature process which increases the resistance of glass to breakage under impact.