Definitions for "Quenching"
Keywords:  immersion, rapid, cool, rapidly, oil
The hardening of steel by dipping in a liquid, such as water or oil. Sometimes molten lead is used for this purpose.
This is the cessation of combustion due to either heat transfer and mass transfer to the surface or aerodynamics effects like strain fields and rapid mixing.
(das) Abschrecken Rapid cooling of red hot metal to room temperature or below, for example by immersing in water or oil.
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Adding water to the beans at the end of roasting to halt the roasting process.
The addition of water to roasted beans to halt additional changes caused by heat.
During the roasting process, adding water to the beans when they have reached their desired color. Go to top
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The reduction of luminescence of a sample by the addition of a quencher.
Slowing down the cooking reaction in a continuous digester at the end of the cooking zone by displacing the hot black liquor with ascending wash liquor and extracting it into the flash tank.
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the act of extinguishing; causing to stop burning; "the extinction of the lights"