Definitions for "Austempering"
A heat treatment process in which the steel is quenched from high temperature, when it is austenitic, to a temperature just above the austenite to martensite transformation temperature of the steel. The steel is then held at this temperature until it has transformed completely to bainite. It is then quenched to room temperature.
A patented heat treating process that consists of quenching an iron-base alloy from a temperature above the transformation range in a medium having a high rate of heat abstraction, and then maintaining the metal, until transformation is complete, at a substantially uniform temperature which is below that of pearlite formation and above that of martensite formation.
A heat treating operation in which austenite is quenched to and held at a constant temperature (usually between 450°F and 800°F) until transformation to bainite is complete. In some steels at certain hardness levels, bainite is tougher than quenched and tempered structures.