Definitions for "temper"
Keywords:  curdle, stir, slowly, pastry, hot
To moisten to a proper consistency and stir thoroughly, as clay for making brick, loam for molding, etc.
The state of any compound substance which results from the mixture of various ingredients; due mixture of different qualities; just combination; as, the temper of mortar.
Constitution of body; temperament; in old writers, the mixture or relative proportion of the four humors, blood, choler, phlegm, and melancholy.
To bring to a proper degree of hardness; as, to temper iron or steel.
The state of a metal or other substance, especially as to its hardness, produced by some process of heating or cooling; as, the temper of iron or steel.
Method of heat treating a material to enhance mechanical properties.
An agent purposely added to the paste in order to strengthen the clay, and improve its workability. Particles can range in size from very fine to several centimeters in size. Materials used in this region include crushed rock (i.e. geniss, quartz, hematite, and limestone), shell, sand, or clay nodules.
Coarse inclusions deliberately added to a paste for purposes of improving the firing characteristics of that paste. Whether the temper seen in broken rimsherds is rock or shell can help date the artifact.
A substance added to something to modify its qualities or properties. In pottery manufacture, temper is a nonplastic material (e.g., ash, limestone, sand, shell, crushed sherd) added to clay to prevent excessive shrinkage of the vessel during drying and firing.
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To mingle in due proportion; to prepare by combining; to modify, as by adding some new element; to qualify, as by an ingredient; hence, to soften; to mollify; to assuage; to soothe; to calm.
Disposition of mind; the constitution of the mind, particularly with regard to the passions and affections; as, a calm temper; a hasty temper; a fretful temper.
Calmness of mind; moderation; equanimity; composure; as, to keep one's temper.
a splendid thing --- under control
a terrible thing to lose
a characteristic (habitual or relatively temporary) state of feeling; "whether he praised or cursed me depended on his temper at the time"; "he was in a bad humor"
to relieve trapped stresses by baking a material at moderate temperatures.
make more temperate, acceptable, or suitable by adding something else; moderate; "she tempered her criticism"
The degree of residual stress in annealed glass as measured using polarized light techniques.
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restrain or temper
Keywords:  jobsite, batch, cement, transit, mix
The addition of water to the cement mix whether at the batch plant, during transit or at the jobsite to achieve the specified water to cement ratio.
Keywords:  accomodate, pianos, pitch, adjust, fit
To fit together; to adjust; to accomodate.
adjust the pitch (of pianos)
tent, expandable, modular, personnel
Keywords:  clarify, lime, formerly, milk, employed
Milk of lime, or other substance, employed in the process formerly used to clarify sugar.
Keywords:  shutdown, cpu, warn, cluster, nodes
A simple and configurable program to periodically check CPU temperature of nodes in your cluster and warn the system administrator - or even shutdown machines automatically.
Keywords:  pliable, proper, grow, desired, soft
To have or get a proper or desired state or quality; to grow soft and pliable.
Keywords:  think, conformity, agree, accord, act
To accord; to agree; to act and think in conformity.
To adjust, as the mathematical scale to the actual scale, or to that in actual use.
Keywords:  medium, middle, course, mean
Middle state or course; mean; medium.
Keywords:  govern, manage
To govern; to manage.