Definitions for "Creaming"
Softening of fat by friction with a wooden spoon with an idea of incorporating air in it.
To beat ingredients together until light, fluffy and smooth. Usually refers to beating a fat such as butter with sugar.
Beating together fat and sugar until the mixture resembles whipped cream in texture and colour (pale and fluffy). Used in cakes and puddings which contain a high proportion of fat and require the incorporation of a lot of air.
Formation of an opaque off colored layer at the top of a liquid emulsion.
The separation of a layer of the dispersed phase of an emulsion polish to the surface of the liquid continuous phase. This can be seen as a ring on the inside surface of a container on top of a liquid emulsion.
Coating defect: separation of emulsions. Particles of the disperse phase concentrate in the upper layer, forming a cream-like highly concentrated emulsion.
Reversible process consisting of gathering by gravitational force, rubber particles surround by serum, near the bottom or near the top of latex.